We wanted a Better Battery.
When we couldn't find it, we made it.

Made better to
power the planet

Every business uses batteries, but not every business knows what to do with them once they run out of power. So, we thought, what if they never did?

We’re talking big picture.

We developed the first ever certified carbon neutral batteries with a seamless recycling program that not only makes the process of receiving and disposing of batteries easy for you, but also makes a big difference for the planet we all live on.

About our recycling +

Made better to reduce carbon emissions.

We manufacture our batteries in a carbon neutral facility, lowering our carbon footprint right from the start. From there, we offset the CO2 emissions released by the production, distribution, and disposal of our batteries by investing in carbon reducing projects like wind farms, tree planting and truck stop electrification through carbonfund.org

In other words, everything we do is to make the planet, and your everyday, just a little bit better.

Are you ready to power your
business with positivity?

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